The Spirit Aircraft and Aeronautical Routes

Spirit is a Mooney model 20K “231”

About the Aircraft

Name: Spirit
Tail Number: N916BL
Other Call Signs: LINDBERGH-90 (May 2017), EARHART-80 (June-July 2017)
Manufacture: 1979 by Mooney Aircraft Corp.
Model:  Mooney M20K “231”
Type: Fixed wing, single engine, 4 seats (2 removed)
Engine: Continental TSIO-360-LB (Reciprocating) 210 HP, turbocharged
Propeller: 3 blade
Wingspan: 37 feet (11m)
Length: 27 feet (8m)
Height: 8.5 feet (2.5m) at tail
Gross Weight: 2900 lbs
Empty Weight: 1800 lbs
Top Speed: approx. 250 mph
Cruise Speed: 200 kts
Stall Speed: 57 kts
Fuel Capacity: 200 gal
Range: 2800 nm
Ground Roll: approx. 1220 ft
Rate Of Climb: 1080 fpm
Ceiling: 24000 ft

New York-to-Paris

New York-to-Paris flight in May 2017 is within the North Atlantic (NAT) Major World Air Route Area (MWARA) with much of the flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Air Traffic Control (ATC) over the ocean uses HF Radio on the frequencies (kHz USB) listed on the following map:

Round The World

Round-The-World flight in June-July 2017 goes through many MWARAs, including areas of Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean.  The following map shows the HF radio frequencies (kHz USB) for the route.

Project Amelia Earhart 80th Anniversary Flight – HF Radio Flight Route Map

Wall map download (tabloid size 8MB pdf) HF_Radio_Flight_Route_Map_2B


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