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Video of Brian Lloyd and Spirit in and around Fortaleza Brazil during early June 2017, by TMA Fortaleza Planespotting Team. ©2017 TMA Fortaleza Planespotting Team CC-BY 2.0 – used by permission.


Listen to The RAIN Report audio clip.


Fueling Spirit by hand pump at Aero Club de Dakar in Senegal, the same way that Amelia Earhart did: “Well, we have to fuel the airplane a little differently than we do usually.”-Brian Lloyd, 10 June 2017.
video ©2017 Brian Lloyd CC-BY


Brian Lloyd in his airplane Spirit, taking off at Fortaleza Catuleve airport Brazil on 7 Jun 2017, enroute to Natal Brazil. video by by Demerval Diniz Filho


Amateur Radio Newsline interviews Brian Lloyd. Released 7 June 2017.


Thanks to Akash Niddha in Suriname for this video.


Audio: Brian Lloyd in Dominica, Q95FM interview, by Atherton Martin.

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Rosseau, the Capital of Dominica, just after take-off from Canefield Airport on 2JUN2017. Video by Brian Lloyd.

Test flight in USA during May 2017.

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